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Memory configuration. There are many machines out there for sale especially at the low end that do not ship with proper memory configurations. Do not buy a machine to run XP with less than 512MB of memory and do not buy a machine to run Vista with less than 1 GB of memory.
PC Services

Unlike many other players out there, small businesses are our premium customers. We understand that all customers have a right to be treated with courtesy and respect. While we cannot promise that we can make your computer problems pleasant to deal with, we can and absolutely do promise that working with us will be an enjoyable experience.

In addition to building Green Machines, we routinely repair and upgrade personal computers. If you are on the north shore of Boston inside the Mass Pike and I-495, we will come right to your home or office to:

  • Replace hard drives
  • Upgrade memory
  • Upgrade or install software
  • Reinstall the WINDOWS operating system
  • Eliminate Spyware and Adware
  • Protect against viruses

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